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Will YouTube cancel effects Guild Wars 2 gold sales?

  It is reported that Google has called for Microsoft to cancel the YouTube in the conference I/O. Google accused Microsoft of YouTube client, it has violated YouTube service agreement, which allows customers to skip the video ads, and users can also download the video. Apparently Google cannot tolerate Microsoft to make such changes on YouTube.

  In all platforms of Smartphone users, YouTube has always been one of the most popular applications. If it was cancelled at this time, a lot of Guild Wars 2 players cannot see game's guide from YouTube any more. And will that affect the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold?

  As a spokeswoman from Microsoft has given us a reply that they have updated the YouTube client to ensure all users obtains similar experience from YouTube. That will never affect players to watch media from YouTube, and players can buy Guild Wars 2 gold as usual.

  So whether the YouTube will cancel, it won't affect the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold.

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