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Working in Guild Wars 2 gold online trading company good or not?

  Working in an online game gold trading company is not as comfortable as expected. Firstly, we are heavily burdened with much business, such as the game analysis, products in stock or shipping, after-sale customer service. Secondly, the game gold market is changing anytime. Finally, we do not have regular holidays with other companies, because we should operate our business on 365*7*24 on line.

  Despite all these adversities, we still enjoy our life in working in a game company. By working hard, we cannot only acquire lots of income but foster various abilities; what's more, make friends and improve ourselves is more important than money, yes? In addition, there are many activities, like Guild Wars 2 gold sales contest and other outside activities, which provide opportunities to make friends and make a great communication among colleagues.

  In a word, if you working in an online game gold company, you should first love your job and enjoy your time at the office. And then work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force. So working in the game gold company is really worthwhile. So just do what you like!

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